We’re creating the technological foundations for tomorrow’s autonomous revolution
Why we’re here
Five StreetWise trials, London, 2019
We believe in a world where transport will be safe, green and available to all. A world where people will be free to pursue their dreams without the need to drive.

We started out building our own high-functioning, complete autonomous vehicle system and successfully testing it on London’s public roads. We then went on to lead the government backed StreetWise trials, widely thought to be the most complex AV trials completed publicly in Europe. In doing so our team began solving some of the industry’s greatest challenges.
What we’ve learnt
We’ve seen that AV teams need highly sophisticated and specific development tools, to both measure and deliver safety assurance for the whole system. We’re now using our expertise to help others develop and assure their own safe systems. We believe deep collaboration between teams is the only efficient way to tackle the challenging work that lies ahead for autonomy programs. We’re helping our clients turn today’s promising engineering systems into tomorrow’s trusted mobility solutions.
Our mission
We’re creating a platform that will empower the industry to build automated driving systems that are safer, smarter, faster and at scale, through applying insights from solving some of the most challenging problems they face.
Why Five?
Unique insights
We’ve learnt from building and using one of the world’s most advanced AV software stacks, developed and trained for London’s public roads.
Specialist knowhow
Deep expertise in advanced simulation, validation and verification from the worlds of semiconductors, aerospace and games.
Global collaborator
We’re playing an active role in industry-wide collaborations, ensuring taxonomy and interfaces follow (or lead) emerging global standards.
World-class talent
Five’s team includes computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers and roboticists drawn from the world’s top universities and engineering teams.