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A platform for autonomous vehicle development and safety assurance
Autonomous vehicle development and safety assurance platform
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We’re helping customers advance through Level 3 and 4 autonomy challenges.
Traffic Jam Chauffeur
Motorway Chauffeur
Urban Chauffeur
Traffic Jam Chauffeur
Develop ALKS with directed exploration and macroscopic analysis around your ODD. Giving you better coverage and a more robust, safe system.
Demonstrating self-driving system safety
As an industry, we’ve made some impressive leaps forward. Read our latest thoughts on Laying Out the Challenges in AI Safety.
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Our story
Our team has successfully built its own high-functioning, complete autonomous vehicle system and tested it on London’s public roads.
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Driven by research
Delivering on our ambitious goals for autonomous transport poses tough problems across computer vision, machine learning and robotics.

To solve these problems, we have built up close collaborative links with world-class academic groups, and our in-house research scientists and engineers publish regularly in top academic venues, helping us drive forward the next generation of autonomous travel.
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Five’s team includes scientists, mathematicians, engineers and roboticists from the world’s top universities and engineering teams.
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Five is on a mission to build the future of safer autonomy.

We’re engineers, scientists, developers, and designers. We’re problem-solvers, dreamers, pioneers, innovators, creatives and pragmatists, working hard, to solve far-reaching challenges, that matter.

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