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Graduates and interns at Five
Five is a European technology leader in the field of automated driving systems and is joining forces with Bosch, the world’s largest component vendor to the automotive industry.

Integrating technology and automotive talent in a combined team is the winning formula for building safe, green and accessible autonomous transportation for the world.
At Five, we’re creating a platform for autonomous vehicle development and safety assurance. Our platform will empower the industry to build automated driving systems that are safer, smarter, faster and scalable. We're doing this by applying insights learned from solving some of the most challenging problems in this space.
Why not apply your passion to solve far-reaching challenges, that matter!
You will be joining a European leader in the autonomous driving system market where you can have a real impact in a smart, low-ego multi-cultural team. We provide an environment where you can develop your skills and deliver meaningful work that matters.

FiveAI is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity through attracting and retaining a complementary team of employees and building an inclusive environment for all.
Interns - Connecting the dots
Our intern programme starts to connect the dots between your academic work so far and your first steps into industry.
Interns play an integral role in life here at Five and often have the opportunity to work on many of our key projects and workstreams, not just something hypothetical but helping to build real products customers use and contributing to future research work.
Last summer with Five, working on a Domain Specific Language in the Pipeline Analysis team allowed me to work on a real compiler project which was such an interesting project, and something I thoroughly enjoyed working on! It was so much fun to work with such a smart, wonderful group of people, who always made me feel like an important member of the team.
2022 Summer Intern
I was overall very pleased with my internship. I felt welcome and took part in a fun project that I could tell was useful (and still is being helpful to today!). Now that I’ve joined Five as a permanent member of staff, I can see that the internship really did give me a taste of what it’s actually like to work here, being part of a team and project.
2022 Summer Intern
This summer I did an internship with the Test Oracle team at Five, working on improving optimisation. I’m studying maths at uni but I want to work in software engineering and I feel like Five is a great place to combine these interests. I really liked working in a small team as I got to see how everything fitted together, and as an intern I was able to have a real impact.
2021 Summer Intern
Build your career and help us to build the future of safer autonomy!
Interview process
Technical test
We use a range of technical tasks to help us to assess candidate skills and technical depth and breadth. Hopefully you'll find the tasks fun at the same time.
First interview
Here we start to dive in to your technical skills and experience to see if you're a fit for the role. We also give you an opportunity to talk to our engineers about any technical questions you may have.
Final interview
We finish our process with several interviews across areas like behaviours, architecture, coding, algorithms etc, that help us to round off our picture of you as a potential member of the Five family.
Decision and feedback
Hopefully we can conclude the process with a positive outcome and an offer to join Five. We always endeavour to provide honest and constructive feedback and truly value the time candidates invest with us.
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