Research Publications
Verifiable Goal Recognition for Autonomous Driving with Occlusions
Cillian Brewitt, Massimiliano Tamborski, Chang Wang, Stefano V. Albrecht
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2023
When used in autonomous driving, goal recognition allows the future behaviour of other vehicles to be more accurately predicted. A recent goal recognition method for autonomous vehicles, GRIT, has been shown to be fast, accurate, interpretable and verifiable. In autonomous driving, vehicles can encounter novel scenarios that were unseen during training, and the environment is partially observable due to occlusions. However, GRIT can only operate in fixed frame scenarios, with full observability. We present a novel goal recognition method named Goal Recognition with Interpretable Trees under Occlusion (OGRIT), which solves these shortcomings of GRIT. We demonstrate that OGRIT can generalise between different scenarios and handle missing data due to occlusions, while still being fast, accurate, interpretable and verifiable.
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