Research Publications
A Human-Centric Method for Generating Causal Explanations in Natural Language for Autonomous Vehicle Motion Planning
Balint Gyevnar, Massimiliano Tamborski, Cheng Wang, Christopher G. Lucas, Shay B. Cohen, Stefano V. Albrecht
IJCAI Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving (AI4AD), 2022
Inscrutable AI systems are difficult to trust, especially if they operate in safety-critical settings like autonomous driving. Therefore, there is a need to build transparent and queryable systems to increase trust levels. We propose a transparent, human-centric explanation generation method for autonomous vehicle motion planning and prediction based on an existing white-box system called IGP2. Our method integrates Bayesian networks with context-free generative rules and can give causal natural language explanations for the high-level driving behaviour of autonomous vehicles. Preliminary testing on simulated scenarios shows that our method captures the causes behind the actions of autonomous vehicles and generates intelligible explanations with varying complexity.
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