FiveAI is featured in the BBC Horizon documentary: Dawn of the Driverless Car

Revving up to take on Uber in driverless cars

Stan Boland: The British tech guru revving up to take on Uber in driverless cars

Stan Boland knows better than most the bittersweet sensation of selling a brilliant British technology company. He’s done it three times, to American and Chinese rivals. Designing microchips to power the Internet of Things, smartphones and high-speed broadband has made the son of a Manchester mill worker and a dinner lady very wealthy, but craving something more.

Revved up for driverless: we announce our London project

Revved up for driverless

Plans to put driverless cars on Britain’s roads have been fired up by a government decision to support a consortium led by a veteran technology entrepreneur. Stan Boland, pictured, leads the…

Mobility-as-a-service: driverless cars leading the next travel revolution

Mobility-as-a-service: driverless cars leading the next travel revolution

The consumerist era that saw car purchases rocket and car ownership become a sign of social status or success is drawing to a close. In a world which is ever more conscious of financial, social and environmental pressures, the sole ownership of assets such as houses and cars is, plainly, out of reach for many and increasingly undesirable for others.

Mobility-as-a-service: how driverless cars are going to redefine travel

Mobility-as-a-service: how driverless cars are going to redefine travel

It used to be that ownership was the epitome of success. Considered an asset rather than a liability, ownership of items like cars and houses was put on a pedestal by our society.

Our VP Product, Ben Peters, discusses safety performance targets for autonomous vehicles

Driverless Cars: How Safe Is Safe Enough?

There are over 1.2 million deaths globally each year on our roads. For every fatality, at least 20 other people suffer serious but non-fatal injuries. Some 94% of these incidents are estimated to be the result of driver error, against other factors which include extreme weather or vehicle failure (the latter of which incidentally is very rare).

Our CEO, Stan Boland, explains why start-ups can attract the A.I. talent required to solve autonomous driving

Agility and focus give start-ups the lead in the race for artificial intelligence

Automotive World speaks to FiveAI’s Stan Boland on the opportunities as a nimble start-up against global conglomerates. By Freddie Holmes Despite their relative infancy, new entrants into the automotive software space may play a pivotal role in the car of the future.

Our CEO, Stan Boland, talks about the future of car ownership

Driverless vehicles: The future of car ownership is Pay-As-You-Go – IoT Now – How to run an IoT enabled business

Once the preserve of science fiction, commercially available autonomous vehicles (AVs) will soon be a reality. AVs are currently being tested on UK roads by major vehicle manufacturers including Nissan, Volvo and Ford, and 2019 is being cited as a realistic year for launch in some limited geographies.

FiveAI begins track testing its first autonomous vehicle prototype


FiveAI CEO Stan Boland talks about our driverless future with The Observer

Twelve things you need to know about driverless cars

From forecourt to scrapyard, a new car in the UK lasts an average of 13.9 years, which is why if you got one today, it might very well be the last car you buy.